Flagstaff Russell

Flagstaff Hill is located in Russell, Bay Of Islands. A 2 minute drive from Russell's main street.


Flagstaff Hill has so much history, and was the subject of tensions between local Maori and the British settlers. The original wooden flagstaff was erected in 1840.

After the Treaty of Waitangi was signed local Maori started to resent the British so local chief Hone Heke cut down Flagstaff. The British re-erected it, yet Heke cut it down again. He ended up cutting it down 3 times. 

On the fourth time he stormed the hill with his men and killed many troops protecting Flagstaff. You can still see slight trench-style dugouts beside the current flagstaff where it is believed troops defended themselves before being taken over.

These days Flagstaff hill is a more peaceful pleace. The view is simply amazing with a 360 degree panorama around the Bay Of Islands and Northland. Across the carpark is another rise with a huge mosaic Sundial. When you arrive in Russell make this your first stop. If driving into Russell continue along the main street through the town and go straight up the hill. Entrance is on your left at the top. If walking be advised that it is a steep walk the whole way and will take 20 - 30 minutes. But the view is worth it!