Kerikeri Stone Store

The Kerikeri Stone Store is located 5 minutes drive from Kerikeri's main strip. The Stone Store is one of the oldest buildings in New Zealand.


The Kerikeri Mission Station it right next door, so it's worth the trip out to see both. Built in 1836 the Kerikeri Stone Store was originally designed to be a storehouse for the Mission House. As time went on it developed into a shop. In the 1850s Kauri Gum was sold from the store.

You have to wonder if the builders ever thought that the Store would still be standing today. The area located onthe banks of a river and the area has flooded countless times. The road and bridge were destroyed many times, so they decided to close the road off completely.

There are carparks on either side of the river and a pedestrian footbridge connecting. You can also walk across the stones in the river very easily. This area is so nice, so take some lunch or enjoy an afternoon at the cafe.