Some describe Rotorua as the easiest place in the country to catch a fish. Because of the region�s excellent reputation, anglers from all over the world relish the prospect of visiting the Rotorua Lakes. Whatever your level of angling experience and skill, the Rotorua Lakes region offers an incredibly wide range of trout fishing opportunities. There are always fish biting somewhere in the district! Many of the lakes in the area are world renowned for the quality and size of fish.

Rotorua New Zealand is home to one of the most unique tourism sites in the world. Aside from the breathtaking scenery of this volcanic wonderland, the 16 beautiful lakes in the region and the lush green of the abundant native flora, Rotorua is a geothermal paradise and the cultural heartland. Play golf, buy a map, hire a rental car, have an adventure. Rotorua accommodation from backpackers, bed and breakfast to luxury hotel and motel.
Rotorua Lakes Walking Tracks

Blue Lake Track
Enjoy native bush and quiet beaches. The track provides good opportunities to look out over the Blue Lake (Tikitapu) and Green Lake (Rotokakahi).
Category:  Walking track
Distance:  5.5 km
Completion Time:  2 hr return

Hamurana Springs track
This nice, peaceful track is just bliss when you want to get away from the city. Enjoy the birdlife and the beautiful clear spring that runs into Lake Rotorua.
Category:  Short walk
Completion Time:  20 min one way

Hinehopu/Hongi's Track
This track highlights the area's incredible native forest and cultural importance. Beautiful beach at Korokitewao Bay (Lake Rotoiti) for swimming and picnicking.
Category:  Walking track
Distance:  2.2 km
Completion Time:  1 hr 30 min one way

Isthmus Track
This track is dominated by the majestic Mount Tarawera.
Category:  Short walk
Distance:  1.2 km
Completion Time:  20 min one way

Kaharoa Kokako Track
Kokako Track also known as the Hollow Track meanders its way down through some beautiful forest to Onaia Stream. This is a tranquil and secluded spot, ideal for a picnic or breakfast stop after listening to the dawn chorus of kokako.
Category:  Tramping track
Distance:  1.2 km
Completion Time:  45 min each way

Lake Okataina tramping tracks
Lake Okataina Scenic Reserve contains fine examples of rimu, totara, rata and kahikatea. Pohutukawa grace the lake shores, and the reserve is also rich in birdlife.
Category:  Tramping track

Lake Okataina walking tracks
Lake Okataina Scenic Reserve provides a wealth of walking opportunities. Find out about some of the walking tracks available.
Category:  Walking track

Mangorewa Track
This track passes through a fine example of lowland forest, one of the few areas left unlogged on the Mamaku Plateau.
Category:  Route
Distance:  9 km
Completion Time:  5 hr 30 min return

Mokaihaha Track
Large podocarps and a chance to hear kaka and other native birdlife while walking along the Mokaihaha Track which takes you past Lake Rotohokahoka.
Category:  Tramping track
Distance:  4 km
Completion Time:  2 hr return

Okareka Mistletoe Walk
The Okareka Mistletoe Walk was built as a joint venture between the Rotorua branches of the Botanical Society and Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society. The walk provides views of the threatened native mistletoe.
Category:  Short walk
Completion Time:  10 mins return

Okere Falls Track
The Okere River is a site of significant Maori cultural and spiritual values. Okere River meaning "the place of drifting", is an 11 km stretch of the Kaituna River.
Category:  Short walk
Distance:  1.2 km
Completion Time:  30 min one way
Alert:  Dangerously strong currents and waterfalls. Please keep to the track.

Rainbow Mountain-Crater Lake Walk
Enjoy this easy walking track with great views over two crater lakes.
Category:  Short walk
Distance:  1 km
Completion Time:  15 min one way

Rainbow Mountain-Summit Track
Get a complete 360 degree view over the region, after climbing Rainbow Mountain-Summit Track.
Category:  Tramping track
Distance:  2.5 km
Completion Time:  1 hr 30 min one way

Tarawera Falls Track
The track runs between the Waterfall road carpark to the spectacular falls, where water surges out of fissures in a high cliff face.
Category:  Short walk
Distance:  700 m
Completion Time:  20 min one way

Tarawera Outlet to Falls Track
See the Tarawera River disappearing underground at various sites before it re-emerges through the spectacular Tarawera Falls through narrow fissures in a fractured rhyolite lava cliff.
Category:  Walking track
Distance:  5 km
Completion Time:  2 hr one way

Tarawera Outlet to Humphries Bay
This area was extensively altered by the 1886 Tarawera eruption and the landscape is being slowly regenerated by native plant species.
Category:  Tramping track
Distance:  6 km
Completion Time:  3 hr one way

Te Waihou Walkway
Te Waihou Walkway lies alongside the upper reaches of the Waihou River, where the water is extremely clear and pure, with an intense blue hue.
Category:  Walking track
Distance:  4.7 km (one way) plus 0.5 km loop track
Completion Time:  1 hr 30 min one way

Tikitapu Nature Walk
The Tikitapu Nature Walk provides an opportunity to learn about the local flora and fauna through information panels along the track.
Category:  Short walk

Waiotapu Thermal track
This magnificent thermal wonderland is perfect for a short stop to view the hot, bubbling mud pools.
Category:  Short walk
Distance:  20 m
Completion Time:  2 min one way