Russell Museum and Visitors Centre

The Russell Museum and Visitors Centre are located in two adjacent buildings between York Street and The Strand.


Russell Museum is rich in both Maori Artefacts and early European Whaling history. There are many exhibits of maori culture and its influence on the area. Outside is an actual whaling boat exhibit that was used in the Bay of Islands by early European settlers.

The front part of the museum is dedicated to the Endeavour, Captain Cooks Sailing ship. There is a large scale model of the endeavour on display.

The visitors centre has many interesting displays and has had a revamp in the last few years. There is also film that runs continuously featuring information on the Bay Of Islands and its history.

You generally enter the Visitors Centre from the Strand (waterfront). The Russell Museum is usually accessed from York Street. (The main street). Being right next to each other you can see both at the same time. A great way to start your exploration of the local area.