Waitangi Treaty House

The Waitangi Treaty House is the most significant building in New Zealand's history. It is located on the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.


The Treaty house has been restored several times to its original form from the 1830's. It is really interesting to see how the Eurpoeans lived. Albeit the Treaty house was lavish for the time. There is a older style garden at the side of the house.

Inside the rooms are laid out as they were. There is also several displays of Europeans household items. An interesting feature near the back entrance is the cross sections cut off the walls you can see how they plastered and constructed the house.


The Waitangi Treaty grounds are very impressive. Feel free to wander around and spend some time. This is New Zealands place, so much history. You can look across the water to Russell, and out to the Bay Of Islands. Waitangi is right on the shoreline and there is a coastal walk from the Treaty House around to the right leading to the Waitangi Waka Display